Authenticity. Tradition. History. Quality

In Yoruba-land,
we have a craft
that is authentic
as it comes from a known place

traditional, as it is a known keeper of the culture, and historical, as its production timeline can be traced for over one hundred years.

This only one hurdle to climb and that is the perception of quality. This is both a type of cloth, along with the process known as adire. How has a sense of value been given to the product of craftsmen over time? In Europe, royal warrants were made for craftspeople and businesses that were good enough to supply royal household.

These warrants acted as evidence of product quality inspiring confidence in the general public and also as an independent sign of valor. These warrants were displayed in public with the coat of royal arms acting as the seal of high quality for the craftspeople.

The Adire Story

As a significant part of Yoruba land, Ogun State contains many sites of Yoruba significance and that are tourist attractions including Adire market. The Adire market is a large part of the tourist experience with purchased Items surfacing in different countries around the world on a regular basis. Adire print is increasingly series of appearances on the catwalks of global fashion shows and is an alternative to machine prints.

In the oldest form of adire, two basic resist techniques are used to create a soft blue or white design to conform to a deeply saturated indigo blue background. Adire oniko is tied or wrapped with raffia to resist the dye. Adire eleko has starchy maize or cassava paste hand-painted onto the surface of the cloth as a resist agent. Further experimentation led to two additional techniques.

Adire alabere involves stitching the cloth with thread price dyeing to produce fine tine motifs.

Adire batana is produced with the aid of zinc stencils to control the appeal of the resist starch. As demands grew and the new adire makers began to professionalize, a block printing to apply the hot wax developed and largely supplanted stenciling

All the above mentioned from of adire are available as originals in Ogun State. With the increasing global appeal of adire, issues that will inevitably arise will be those of authenticity and quality. It now becomes important for a warrant or seal that can be used to both authenticate the source of Adire and also attest to the quality, hence the creation of Adire Ogun Seal. Adire Ogun will be applied to the only adire that emanates from Ogun State and were identify such adire as having met certain criteria in the process of manufacture.

Adire Ogun Seal, by appointment of the history, tradition, and culture of adire from Ogun State.

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